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Fermenter/Brite Tank Control System (Turnkey System)


Product Description

Our New Fermenter control turnkey system will control the temperatures of up to 8 vessels. The advanced PLC touchscreen control allows you to precisely control and automate your glycol chilling. Features Include:

Our Turnkey Fermentation/Cellar control package includes everything you need to temperature control you brewery (up to 8 Vessels).

 Control Panel Features

  • 7" PLC Color touchscreen
  • Control of up to 8 vessels
  • Up to 3 cooling loops/bypass valves
  • Single or Dual cooling Fermentation scheduling (hold at XX degrees for XX hours then go to XX degrees)
  • Auto or manual cold crash
  • Includes 8 thermocouple temperature probes
  • Controls 24V DC valves.
  • UL/CSA Listed (Chiller and Panel) 
  • Glycol Chiller and solenoid valves. 

Chiller Features:

  • Single pump standard (expandable to 3)
  • UL Listed
  • Built in filter rack
  • 404A refrigerant gas
  • thermal expansion valve
  • sight glass receiver
  • 100GPH pump
  • 220V 20A Single phase

Also Included:

  • 8 thermocouple temperature probes

Not included:

Solenoid and check valves sold separately, contact us for a quote.

Piping to connect the fermenters. We recommend 3/4" to the fermenter inlets and 1/2" on the return/bypass loop.

Contact us for layout design assistance.