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Fermenters and Brite Tanks

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All fermenters and Brite tanks are now fully manufactured in the USA from american stainless steel by Colorado Brewing Systems. 

While we previously had few problems with our imported tanks the purity of Chinese stainless steel is always a concern. All of our tanks are 100% american stainless steel.


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Spec Sheets


Brite tanks

Tank connection drawing

Our tanks include all valves, pressure relief valves, carbonating stones and related accessories.

 2BBL Non-jacketed conical fermenter $2,150

2BBL non-jacketed Brite tank $2,150
2BBL Jacketed conical fermenter $3,150
2BBL Jacketed Brite tank $3,150

3BBL Jacketed Fermenter $3,950
3BBL Jacketed Brite tank $3,950
3BBL Non-Jacketed Fermenter $2,970
3BBL Non-Jacketed Brite tank $2,970

4BBL non-jacketed conical fermenter $3,560
4BBL non jacketed Brite tank $3,560
4BBL jacketed conical fermenter $4,260
4BBL jacketed Brite tank $4,260

5BBL jacketed fermenter $4,980
5BBL jacketed Brite tank $4,980

6BBL Jacketed fermenter $5,675
6BBL Jacketed Brite tank $5,675

8BBL Jacketed fermenter $6,990
8BBL jacketed Brite tank $6,990

10BBL jacketed fermenter $7,850
10BBL jacketed Brite tank $7,850

Contact us for ordering information or for larger tank capacity (20BBL Max)