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Fermenters and Brite Tanks

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As of 4/4/17 All Fermenters/unitanks and Brite tanks are now 100% manufactured in the USA by Colorado Brewing Systems.

All tanks are pressure tested to 30psi and all fermenters are uni-tank design and can be used for carbonating as well as fermentation. Our tanks include all valves, pressure relief valves, carbonating stones and related accessories.


2BBL Non-jacketed conical fermenter/unitank $2,150
2BBL non-jacketed Brite tank $2,150
2BBL Jacketed conical fermenter/unitank $3,150
2BBL Jacketed Brite tank $3,150

3BBL Jacketed Fermenter/Unitank $3,950
3BBL Jacketed Brite tank $3,950
3BBL Non-Jacketed Fermenter/unitank $2,970
3BBL Non-Jacketed Brite tank $2,970

4BBL non-jacketed conical fermenter/unitank $3,560
4BBL non jacketed Brite tank $3,560
4BBL jacketed conical fermenter/unitank $4,260
4BBL jacketed Brite tank $4,260

5BBL jacketed fermenter/unitank $4,980
5BBL jacketed Brite tank $4,980

6BBL Jacketed fermenter/unitank $5,675
6BBL Jacketed Brite tank $5,675

8BBL Jacketed fermenter/unitank $6,990
8BBL jacketed Brite tank $6,990

10BBL jacketed fermenter/unitank $7,850
10BBL jacketed Brite tank $7,850


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