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"Nano Brewer Dual" Professional Brewing System, 50 gallon (1BBL) version


Product Description

3.5 Hour brew days.. Dual Brewing Capability.. 85%+ Mash Efficiency!
The Better Way to Brew!
Designed and Manufactured in the U.S.
For our 2BBL and 4BBL gallon dual systems (250 and 470 Liter) , please click here

 NEW 2017 Design. 

Our Patented Nano Brewer Dual may be the worlds most versatile brewing system ever created for the nano brewery market. The design of this system allows maximum flexibility for the nano-brewery, brewpub, restaurant/bar that wants to break into the craft beer market, pro-brewery pilot system or advanced home brewer. With it's unique design this system can brew a full volume batch of one beer or 2 completely different beers simultaneously. When brewing a single beer style each mash basket is filled with grains for the recipe (it does not have to be equally split). During the mash period the kettles cross recirculate out from the valve of one kettle and to the top re-circulation fitting of the other kettle, creating a consistent gravity between the kettles.

The average time to brew 2 batches of beer with this system is 3.5 hours +/- meaning that you can brew up to 2bbls of beer with the 40 gallon version.

The included Stainless Steel mesh bottom grain baskets are superior to a traditional false bottom in the respect that no grain can find it's way past the basket and it also works as a filter, meaning clearer wort.

All North American System are UL / CSA listed and CE listed for European systems. 


What's Included;

  • Two 25 Gallon (95L) brew kettles with sanitary tig welded tri-clamp ports
  • Kettle pickup tubes and whirlpool fittings
  • Tri-clamp sight level gauges
  • 2 x Stainless Steel Solid mash baskets
  • 2 x Stainless steel pumps (230V for european systems)
  • Welded and polished 304 stainless steel frame with control arm and dual hoist support
  • dual 4:1 pulley system
  • 50A 240V Electric brewery control panel with PLC touchscreen control.
  • 2x 5500W stainless steel heating element assembly's with tri-clamp connection
  • 2 RTD temperature probes
  • Stainless Steel plate chiller
  • All tri-clamp valves, fittings and hardware.

What's not included;

For all electric versions you will need to provide a 240V 50A GFCI circuit

Brewers hose not included.

*A suitable GFCI circuit breaker in your main electrical panel is required or connect the system to a Spa panel.

Note: This product does not ship free. Shipping charges will be billed prior to the system shipping from our factory. You will receive a quote after placing the order.

This system is custom built to order and will ship approximately 12 weeks after order is placed, lead time subject to prior orders. 70% deposit required, balance plus shipping due one week from system completion.

Download the instructions on the download page