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NEW - 10BBL "Micro-Brewer Dual"


Product Description

Building on the design and features of one of the most popular Nano Brewery brew systems to come along, we are releasing our newest in the Dual line, our massive 10BBL brew system which allows you to either brew 2 separate 5BBL batches or one 10BBL batch of beer in the same short 4 - 5 hour brew day as our other Nano-Brewer products, meaning you can get a massive 20BBL brew done in a single 8 - 10 hour brew day (by double batching). NOTE: 5BBL version shown in pictures, The 10 BBL unit is will have a second kettle and the top I beam extends to the opposite side.

Our 10BBL system features a skid mounted design and is a complete turn key brew system,

  • 2 x 250 gallon brew kettles
  • 2 x Stainless steel mash baskets
  • Integrated grain dump stations
  • 3 phase 150A UL Listed (CSA listed for Canadian customers) color touch screen PLC control panel with 27kW of heating per kettle
  • All tri-clamp fittings and hardware included
  • Integrated condensate hood system for each kettle
  • CIP hardware
  • Track and trolley with chain hoist. (for mash basket removal)
  • Recirculation and sparge/rinse hardware
  • 2 x stainless steel recirculation pumps.
  • 2 x Chain hoist
  • One year warranty

10' ceiling height required. System dimensions are 20' wide (basket removal track goes to the sides vs. in front like other models) 5' deep x 10' high

You will need to provide a 3 phase 208V or 240V 150A GFCI circuit (separated into separate 50A/60A feeder circuits) and one 120V GFCI outlet.

Brewers hose not included.

On-demand commercial hot water heater (required only if you want to use the sparge feature). We highly recommend the following water heater based on our experience. http://www.supplyhouse.com/Takagi-T-D2-IN-NG-T-D2-IN-Takagi-Tankless-Indoor-Water-Heater-Natural-Gas

*A suitable GFCI circuit breaker in your main electrical panel is required or connect the system to a Spa panel.

Note: This product does not ship free. Shipping charges will be billed prior to the system shipping from our factory. You will receive a quote after placing the order.

This system is custom built to order, current lead time is approximately 16 weeks after order is placed, lead time subject to prior orders.

70% deposit required at time of order, balance plus shipping due one week prior to system completion. To secure your spot in our schedule please contact us and we will email you a link to pay the deposit amount.

Download the instructions on the download page

* Panel built to U.L. 508a Industrial control panel standards in our MET labs certified panel shop which is accepted in all US jurisdictions.